Introduction to China IG Member Alliance – CIGMA


      1. Mission:

China IG Member Alliance (CIGMA) is incorporated in 2005 under the auspices of the provincial gases associations and exhibiting entities in China based on the 23 years’ good records of the largest trade show -- IG China. Its Secretariat is now permanently based in Beijing.

CIGMA is an independent business institute and its main objective is to promote the common interests of sharing and implementing standards, safety, environment and the best practices in the gases industry in China and in the Asian Pacific region. It achieves its objectives by facilitating technology transfer and business match-making from around the world, especially from Japan, Korea and Mainland China, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, ASEAN countries. CIGMA organizes a major international conference and exhibition every year and amongst its publications are the Buyers’Guide, China Gasese-Bulletin and the monthly newsletter. In June, 2020, GASonline, a B2B website portal was launched to provide the 365 day’s business resourcing web communication for the international buyers and users to meet Chinese gases and equipment manufacturers.

CIGMA represents a large membership base with more than 250 members coming from all parts of China, including leading gases companies and material suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

2. Organization Structure


        Board of Directors

        Secretary General Office

        Committees for (standards, safety, environment, best practices)

3. Charter

        CIGMA assists its members by providing expert advices and guidance for:

l  Its members to gain direct accesses to the overseas partners of gases and equipment users and buyers;

l  Its members to follow the regulations and norms of technology and safety of the national and international organizations;

l  Its members of gases production and distribution to provide the highest level of safety in their sectors

l  The relevant Chinese authorities and regulatory bodies to share the technical and safety information with the national and international organizations;

l  Group its members on business and technical missions to visit the overseas conferences and factories.

4. Harmonization:

CIGMA establishes the working relations with other national and regional associations, such as the Middle East Gases Association--MEGA, All Indian Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association – AIIGMA, Korean High-pressure Gas Association, China Taiwan High Pressure Gas Industrial Association - TIGA, Malaysian Gas Association, Ukraine Technex.

5. Members by Country:

         China(Including Hong kong, Macao, Taiwan)

         ASEAN(Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia)

         South Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia

         Middle East and North Africa

         North America, South America

 6. Events

          Exhibitions: IG China; IG Middle East

          Conferences: IG CEO SUMMIT; IG TECH SUMMIT


     7. Media

         China Gases Wechat & Website

         GASonline Website Wechat & Webinar

         e Bulletin


     8. Contact us

     Mr. Frank Xu


     Mr. Jerry Xu


     Tel: +86-10-8416 4557


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